Thursday, February 09, 2006

It's A Girl!!!

Well, It's official. Alison and I are having a girl! We found out on Tuesday morning at Alison's 16 week ultrasound (an extra one for a study that she is participating in). Granted, unless you're a doctor, sonographer, or you have experience deciphering the ultrasound photos below, they may not mean much. I still think she's pretty cute :). Check out how different she looks from our first ultrasound.

16 Week Ultrasound Photos:

Front View

Her Foot

Her foot

Her Head

Her Hand

Her Foot #2

It's a Girl!!!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Alison at 15 1/2 Weeks

Here is a picture of Alison showing off her pregnant belly of 15 1/2 weeks.

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