Monday, April 18, 2016

The House - Week 27

Week 27 - April 27, 2015

More good progress was made this week. Things are really starting to look good.

Master shower grout completed.

The railing is now pretty much complete.

Hot sauce.

The basement.  Nearly all prepped for painting.

The blue house.  Spot Lyla and Kate.

Fox 13 News.  I often see news trucks up here whenever there is a new development or fuss over the landslide.  These guys were going door to door looking for somebody willing to spout off on camera.

The slatted ceiling.  This was a late add to the project, and we're really glad that we did.

The girls were in a really photogenic mood during our visit to the house today.  I love the picture above and the next two pictures because you've got Lyla posing in the foreground and Ada going to check out the upstairs tub in the background.

I was going to post that this was our fireplace mantle, but it looks nothing like our fireplace mantle.  It must have been for another house, but they brought it here to work on it because all of their tools were here?

Ada, Kate and Lyla.

Kate, standing outside the theater room.

Lyla was just sitting here squatting and Kate wanted to join her.

Caulking the door frames and trim.

Kate and Lyla.

Ada at the garage.

The view from our neighbors sidewalk.

The blue house.

Painting has commenced!  Starting first by staining the railings.

Some of the railings had to be stained in place.

The texture coating of the deck has been added.

Sanding and prepwork on the slatted ceiling.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The House - Week 26

Week 26 - April 20, 2015

Now that I'm a full year behind..., I've got to keep posting about the house for posterity's sake I guess.

This week was a good week.  Lots got done.

Tile in the master shower.

Tile around the master bath.

And my only contribution to picking tile colors or finishes in the house.  The master shower floor.  I love it.

Shelving in the closets.

Basement bathroom tile surround.

Lyla chilling on a gravel pile.

Alison testing the tub.

We visited the house after art lessons one night.  The girls had a friend in tow.

The railings were quite time-consuming.  Here the posts are installed.

More posts.

More posts

Painting of the exterior house started.  First the white trim.

Painting the trim.

Our first view of the blue on the front porch.

More progress on the railing.

Upstairs bathroom.

More painting.

About now is where Alison and I looked at each other and asked each other if we were ok with a blue house.

More progress on the railing.

Another view.

Painting the back of the house.  This was a big job.

Cubbies in the mud room.

Next week: More finish work and prepping for painting.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Uganda - The Last Day

Sadly, this was our last day in Uganda.  We spent the night at the Mission President's house, and we decided to head to the equator for the day.

I think it was about an hour drive.  There were a handful of shops around the equator that catered to the tourists where we bought a drum and some other mementos.

I'm always in the northern hemisphere in these pictures. I can't remember if I ever actually made it to the southern hemisphere.


Looking at the equator crossing the street.

Alison enjoying the fine Ugandan beverage.

We returned to Kampala (the capital city of Uganda) and visited the Sanyu Babies' Home, which is an orphanage for babies.

The orphanage is located on a small hill and has a beautiful of the city of Kampala.

The babies were all napping, so we started by hanging some wet laundry out to dry.

Sometimes, you've got to go up and use the loo.

The Church has made some donations to this orphanage over that last few years.  This is a cistern for collecting rainwater from the roofs.

Another view of the city.  We were blessed to be there on a beautiful day.

Once the babies started waking up, we were excited to help hold these little guys.

We still had some clothes to fold. We couldn't let the wee babies get in the way.

Alison and Isaac.

More babies.

There was a large hut where all of the cooking was done.  I showed interest in the ladies peeling the plantains, which are then cooked to form a mush called matoke, so they gave me a plate full of matoke and beans, which I didn't want, but had to respectfully force down...

This is me and Alison's good friend Isaac.

This is me and my good friend Joel.

Rocking our babies on the porch.  I tried to set Joel down a few times, but he was having none of it.  It was apparent that being held was a real treat for these kids. It wasn't until it was time for him to get his milk that he was willing to let me go.

Look at those smiles.

We left the Sanyu Babies' Home and started to make our way to the airport, which was in Entebbe, about 20 kilometers south of Kampala. We stopped at a market to pick up some digestive biscuits for Alison.

I looked for some Coke with my name on it, but I didn't have any luck.

Then we stopped at a restaurant that overlooks beautiful Lake Victoria for dinner before it was time to head to the airport to catch our long flight home.

We were sad to leave, but now that it's been about 11 months since this trip, my parents have actually been home for about 6 months.

Our flights on KLM took us through Amsterdam and LAX before finally making it happily to SLC to be reunited with our lovely girls. It was the trip of a lifetime!