Saturday, August 29, 2015

The House - Week 24

Week 24 - April 6, 2015

I finally made it up to the house this week and the contractor had finally put a lock on our doors.  I didn't know the code, so I took a few pictures of the exterior.

From the SW.

From our neighbors upstairs window.

The front.

Once I got the code for the lockbox we were able to get in to admire the new tile.  Above is in the master bathroom.

Upstairs bathroom.

Pantry, powder room and mud room.

Shower pan.

Tile in the basement kitchen.

The following day doors started appearing.

Also, MDF along the edges of the stairs.

Lyla striking a pose in her bedroom.

In the basement all of the doors had already been hung.

Strike a pose.

Next week: more tile and finish work.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Uganda - Getting There

Alison and I have not really done much international travel (something I'd like to change). My parents have been serving a mission in Africa and we found a great deal on flights and convinced some sainted family members back home to help watch the girls and we were off.

I think that our total travel time was around 27 hours.  Above are our flights both to and from Uganda, both directions we had layovers in Los Angeles and Amsterdam.

Here we are roarin' and ready to go.  By the end we didn't look so spry...

This was our airplane from LA to Amsterdam.  We had the unfortunate luck of being stuck in the middle of 5 seats, so it was not the most comfortable flight, but we lived through it.

The food on KLM was not terrible, but we were both more than sick of it after 4 meals in the air.

Alison enjoying some Dutch pastry in the Amsterdam airport.

Sunrise, sunset? who knows.

Airplane pizza.

Overall, the journey was fairly uneventful, just time-consuming and squishy.  When we arrived in Entebbe, Uganda it was around 10 PM and was humid and HOT!  Entebbe sits right on the edge of Lake Victoria and is about 30 minutes south of Kampala.  We waiting in line to go through an ebola health screening, then paid $100 each for a travel visa to enter the country.  We grabbed our luggage (which was full of American necessities and gifts for my parents) and then found my parents at the exit to the terminal.

This is the first picture that I took of Uganda, it is the parking lot at the airport after we just arrived.  The truck on the right is my parent's vehicle while here.

Tomorrow: We spent the morning in Kampala, then made our way to Jinja, at the headwaters of the Nile.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The House - Week 23

Yes, we've now been living in the house for about 6 weeks, but I still wanted to continue documenting the building process.

Week 23 - March 30, 2015

We were only able to visit the house once during this week because Alison and I were in Africa for most of the week (some other blog posts that I need to get to work on, eh?).

This week the mudding and taping was completed in preparation for finish work to get started.

Ada and Kate joined me and were excited to see the progress as well.

The interior doors and other finish wood had been delivered and was being stored in the garage.

The toy room.

Ada looking over the edge from the homework nook.

Two excited girls in the master closet.

The front entry.

On the deck.  You can see that our neighbor's house to the south is progressing speedily.

The basement.

The theater room.

The back of the house.  Honestly, the house doesn't look huge from most other vantages, but from the back it look humongous...

One last view from the front.

Next week: Tile and hanging of the interior doors.

Monday, May 04, 2015

The House - Week 22

Week 22 - March 23, 2015

I don't have a whole lot of pictures to show this week as I was only to visit the once during the week and it was late the night before we had to fly out to Africa.

Rock on the front of the house was finished.

The view of our house from our neighbor's main floor.

Another view of the front.

Yet another view from the front.  I really like how the house looks from the front and that even though there is an upstairs in the house, the house as a whole is not terribly tall.

More mudding and taping on the inside.

Next week, finishing up the mudding, taping and sanding.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

The House - Week 21

Week 21 - March 16, 2015

This week was mostly a continuation of the same things as last week.

Work continued on the rock installation on the front of the house.

As I was driving around the area, I noticed that we have less rock/brick than most of the other homes in the area.

The gas meter is in and turned on, the chicken wire and tarpaper are up around the house.

Looking north along the front of the house.

Looking from the front door towards the upstairs.

The weekly update of our neighbors to the south. Both homes are moving along quickly.

All of the sheetrock has been hung, so the next step is mudding and taping.

They started with the screw holes and some of the seams. I'm not sure how they pick and chose which ones to work on each day/phase.

Another view.

In the toy room.

The upstairs hallway.

A few circuits in our electrical panels have been energized including the furnaces and the dedicated receptacle in our laundry room (for use by the contractors).

Starting to mud and tape in the basement.  There are still a lot of boxes of mud to go through.

Another view of the basement.

In the backyard, looking SE.

The electrical meter is just jerry rigged to the temporary power meter.  Don't touch anything behind the meter cover.

Rock wall - nearly complete.

Next week, more mudding and taping. Also, this was the week when Alison and I left to Uganda (more on that later...).