Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bucket List

I've got lots of ideas for posts of lists, but I enjoyed Alison's Bucket List post so much I thought that I ought to create my own: I hadn't thought too much about it until I saw her post, so I'm sure that I'll have things to add as I think more about it.  A bunch of these are duplicates from Alison's list, but it makes sense for us to have a few of the same items, right?

-Attend an NFL game. We went to a Cowboys game in October, so we can check this one off the list (although I wouldn't mind going to a few more).  Someday we will make it to a Buffalo Bills home game.

-Travel. International locales on my list include: Australia/New Zealand, Maldives, Canary Islands, France and Spain, a Mediterranean cruise, Rio de Janeiro and many other places.

-Travel. North American locales on my list include: Crater Lake, Banff, Jasper and Glacier National Parks, Yosemite, Death Valley, King's Canyon, Sequoia and Rocky Mountain National Parks, Drive to Pike's Peak, hike portions of the Appalachian trail, ride Amtrak to a vacation destination, Alaskan inside passage cruise, outer banks North Carolina, drive to Key West, vacation in a rented RV (possibly to some of the National Parks listed above).

-Go diving.

-Visit the home ballparks for every Major League Baseball team.  I've been to 16 ballparks, Alison has been to 10.

-Read through the books on my to-read list (right now there are 426 books on the list).  I started keeping this list once I got home from my mission.  I'm trying hard to keep up with my list, but I'm a sucker for book suggestions.

-Get BICSI RCDD certified (Registered Communications Distribution Designer).  I should be approved to take this test in the next few weeks.

-Build our own house. Not me specifically, but design, manage and oversee the construction of said house.

-Design and create my own personal website. I've thought about this many times, but I'm just not certain what I would put there.

-Go to a taping of Dave Letterman (and the Colbert Report).

-Go to the SuperBowl, NCAA Final Four, NCAA Football Championship (or is it still be called the BCS Championship?), a World Series game and NBA finals game.

-Summit King's Peak.

-Traverse the Panama Canal (probably in a cruise ship of some sort, but I'm leaving my options open).

-Upgrade my Chevrolet Volt to a Tesla.

-Get a full-body wax.