Friday, December 01, 2006

A Slew of Funny or Interesting Videos

Support World AIDS Day

It's been a crazy busy week. Nonetheless, I always have time to check out an interesting video or two. You can see I also added the "World AIDS Day' Ribbon to the top of this post. I've got to be honest, I mainly added it becasue it's red and with my green blog background it makes the whole thing look very Christmassy, right? Now turn the volume up, turn the music off (the player is in the top right) and enjoy!

This first video is an incredible one from National Geographic about killer whales hunting seal pups. Seal volleyball anyone? Unfortunately, you have to visit their site to watch - found here.

This next video is one of Alison and my favorites. It's of a baby laughing and we find it simply hysterical and cute as could be. We've got Ada laughing a couple of times - but never quite so much as the baby in this video.

This last video is about giant bat eating centipedes in Venezuela. You can watch it here.

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