Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Utah 23, SDSU 7

What is the loudest sport to watch on campus? If you're thinking to yourself that it is obviously men's basketball or football, or possibly even women's gymnastics here at the U, then you are wrong. The loudest sport is easily women's volleyball played at Crimson Court. My brother, Jordan, and I went to the women's volleyball game on Friday night when they played BYU. There place was packed (standing room only) and there were even quite a few BYU fans there. The place was rockin'. It's not a very big "arena", smaller even than many High School gyms. After leaving the match, our ears were ringing for more than a half-hour afterwards.

After the volleyball match, we went to Utah's Friday Night Basketball to meet the team and watch a three-point shooting contest, scrimmages and slam-dunk contest. I'm excited for basketball this year. The new coach, Jim Boylen seems to really be the right guy for the job (That's tough to back up though - seeing as they haven't played any games that count yet).

Now onto the football game. You probably didn't see it if you weren't there - although you could get it for only $14.95 on cstv.com. Sounds like a steal, eh? Utah moved the ball well in the first half but turnovers kept them from ever entering the end zone. In the second half, Utah played a much better game. In my opinion the receivers played their best game of the year. In all of the other games I've been disappointed with the passes that they have dropped. I thought that they made some nice plays, and did an especially nice job of getting yards after the catch.

My favorite play of the game was a faked field goal attempt that didn't even work. Utah was lined up to kick a field goal and as soon as the ball was snapped, the holder flipped it over his shoulder to the kicker and then took off running. The kicker (Louie Sakoda) attempted to throw a pass to the streaking holder (Bradon Godfrey) but it was a horrible pass and Godfrey had to run back in order to catch the ball. If the pass had been even halfway decent, it would have been an easy 6 points. As it was, the Utes didn't even get e first down. Regardless, most of the crowd cheered the call and was only mildly disappointed in the outcome.

It was a long time coming but it's nice to be back over .500. Now the key is to stay there...

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Brett said...

Two things -
First: I haven't seen Utah's version of Mr. Hyde lately, so look for him to show up this week.

Second: Utah men's basketball has to be better this year, right? It can't be much worse...