Monday, September 29, 2008

Utah 37, Weber State 21

Everybody should know that this game wasn't nearly as close as the score indicates. Not to make any excuses, but Weber scored two of their 3 touchdowns very late in the game against Utah's second and third teamers. They should have still been able to stop the Wildcats though.

Once again we are waiting for the game that Utah's offense will really shine in. For at least one more week, they've underperformed and left everybody wondering where the magic is. It was nice to get a better look at the backups though.

Utah's defense is still rolling. They lead the conference in pass defense and total defense. In addition, they are only giving up 60 yards per game on the ground, a number all the more impressive once you realize that they've already played Air Force. Nationally Utah's defense is in the top 5 in a bunch of categories as well.

Thursday night's game against Oregon State got a whole lot more interesting after the Beavers beat USC. It just goes to show that any team can have a bad night (everybody just hopes their team doesn't have a bad night on the same night that the team they're playing has a great night). Utah should still be able to handle the Beavers. They looked awful in their first three games and Utah won't let Jacquizz Rodgers run all over them like he did USC. It's a good thing it's at home (at least I think it is. has other ideas though. I'll be ticked if I show up at Rice Eccles and find out the game is on the road...)

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alisquire said...

That's hilarious! Too bad they're not playing in Corvallis.