Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Tyler likes to"

I've been quite lazy in updating this little baby the last few weeks. I've got loads of things that I'd like to post, but I find that I'd rather read, budget, work or sleep than blog. Funny how that works out.

I saw this on facebook and found it quite funny. To play, Google "(your name) likes to" (in quotation marks) and report back on the first ten items.

Googling "Tyler likes to" returns:

1. Tyler likes to flaunt his body. (this is true)
2. Tyler likes to run and play. Tyler likes to be in my backyard. (Whose backyard?)
3. Tyler likes to play McDonald's: Meal Hunt, in which he searches for lost McNuggets. (Tyler is also known for eating food and candy that he finds in strange places)
4. Tyler likes to rock the kitchen with big, bold flavors and sophisticated yet accessible fare. (Tyler also likes to rock the office, the casbah, and the bed, if you know what I mean. Oops, lets leave that last bit out. Tyler has issues with too much information)
5. Tyler likes to relax sewing for her girls and tending her... (this one is up to your own imagination)
6. Tyler likes to play baseball, go fishing. (Both very true in my younger days, now I can't even run to first base)
7. Tyler likes to strew parts of herself in all of the characters, like the fragments of real objects that Jeremy embeds in his collages. (This must have been lifted from my journal, back in high school, when I thought I was a girl)
8. Tyler likes to pour it on himself with a smaller bucket. (referring, of course, to warm Peach Fresca)
9. Tyler likes to masterbate to food by Cody. (I'm really not sure where to even go with this one)
10. Tyler likes to smoke corncob pipes. (This is hindering his dream of becoming the next Eminem or Frosty the Snowman)

Just for fun, I looked at what the first picture returned was on Google image search. You never know what you're going to get:


Clark said...

The female references are possibly from people with the last name Tyler. Example "Liv Tyler likes to wear pretty dresses and wear bright colored lipstick" looks a bit strange when you exclude her first name from the sentence. (Note: I made that up, I know next to nothing about Ms. Tyler.) I encounter similar issues with Clark, as it is a much more common last name than first name.

alisquire said...

TMI is right. Perhaps now you'll never make it to first base, let alone third.

Clark, for most of those, Tyler was indeed the last name (Steven Tyler, Anne Tyler, etc.).

Tim said...

That was quite comical I must say. I never new you had such a "diverse" background.