Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Michael Jackson

As I sit here watching the Michael Jackson Memorial Service that I recorded from earlier, I figure it is a pretty good time to write his eugulogy. As most of my good friends know, I've always been a fan of MJ (as I affectionately call him). My friends and I would always listen to his music as we cruised around in the Lurp Truck. I'm not sure what my favorite song of his is, but my favorite line of any song is found in "The Girl is Mine," a duet by Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney. The best line of the song, "I think I told you, I'm a lover not a fighter" is found at the 3:02 mark in the following video:

A high school friend of mine, Dave Marshall, and I found 4 sweet Michael Jackson shirts at the DI. I used to wear them all the time. I spent an hour looking for a photo of myself in one of the shirts when Alison reminded me that I proposed to her wearing one. That's a true fan:
And on our honeymoon we made a quick stop at his star (once again I'm wearing his shirt):
And lastly, I'm wearing my MJ shirt in this happy partial-family photo:

One of the best tribute posts that I've seen in the last couple weeks was actually posted on the woot.com blog - 10 Michael Jackson Video Clips You Won't See On The Nightly News. It's a good read/watch.

Alison was just sent this interesting clip and I thought that I'd better include it:

Rest in Peace - the King of Pop!


JTENMAN said...

Great post to the king of pop. I was never a huge fan of MJ (meaning not that I didn't like him just that I never really listened to his music). I must say though, you look like a stick in that picture with you and Allison...

Rachelle said...

That is funny that you proposed to Alison in your MJ shirt. Seriously, how could she say no to that?!!

Jarom, Lori, Adia, and Gavin said...

Aren't you glad you learned the entire dance to Thriller!! I watched that music video over and over to learn it so I could teach it to everyone.

Tim said...

I totally forgot about your MJ shirt. I haven't seen it in years, but I vaguely remember you wearing it to school as well.