Friday, August 14, 2009

Flag Friday - University of Utah

Ah, the pennant of mine and Alison's beloved alma mater. What makes this one special is that it has been signed by the one-and-only Michael Doleac (and Mike Puzey...).


Clark said...

Speaking of the Utes, where is the football discussion? (Or any blogging at all besides 'Flag Friday')

I've never been one to spend time obsessing over anything in the off season, or the happenings at Utah in general, but I'm curious what your thoughts are. Starting a true freshman? Louks leaving? Is this a sign of bad things to come, or do you have faith the Whittingham knows what he's doing?

sdande said...

What!? You can't throw that pennant away! That would be Blaspheme to a die hard Ute fan! ;)

That's interesting about Louks transferring to Nevada. This Wynn better be pretty impressive or those impatient Ute fans are going to quickly forget the undefeated season Whittingham put together last year...