Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oregon 31, Utah 24

All good things must come to an end sometime, right? It's been so long since Utah lost that I almost forgot what it felt like when your team loses. The one benefit with this loss, is that I almost expected it to happen. Utah has yet to prove this year that they are capable of beating any team that will finish over .500. They show glimmers of greatness, but way too many mistakes and freshman miscues (even though they have very few freshmen seeing playing time). The good news is that the team appears to improve every week and after this week's game against Louisville, the Utes have lucked into a much-needed early bye week.

Everybody expected Oregon to be a better team that the one that showed up to play against Boise St. After working through their self-imposed difficulties, they are turning out to be a pretty good team. A real test will be whether or not they can compete with Cal this week.

I think that the Utes will be able to bounce back against Louisville. They will be happy to be home, but they will still make mistakes that will allow Louisville to keep the game closer than it should be. My prediction is Utah in a close one.

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Chalen said...

Getting updates on BYU's big time loss on the drive home from the game made us feel a lot better, it actually brought a smile to my face. Sad, but it did. And it meant that we could go to church the next day without fearing running into BYU fans in the hall for some crap talk. Even though I wasn't expecting to win, I still hoped. It sucked to come that close to adding more points on the board and not doing it. Plus in addition to all the freshman mistakes, the coaches made a few bad calls too. Going for it on a 4th and 12 (around the 40 I believe). What was that about?? There were a few others that really bugged me do, but pregnancy is affecting my brain power and I can't remember them offhand.