Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Small World or Big Neighborhood?

Alison and I received this card in the mail a few days ago (I include myself because it was addressed to "The Squire Family"). A few questions immediately came to mind:

1. How on earth did we get on this mailing list? We've never lived together outside of Utah nor have we ever even been to New Jersey while married, much less Southern New Jersey.

2. How much money is this physician's office spending on mailings that are going to people far from their potential clientele? Can't they run a quick filter and remove everybody that doesn't live in New Jersey or within 100 miles of their office? As far as I can tell, junk mail like this is probably the biggest reason that health care costs are spiraling out of control. I'm forwarding this onto Obama.

(While we did briefly consider driving to New Jersey to check out the conditions, we decided that a 32 hour, 2,154 mile one-way commute to a doctor's appointment probably didn't make sense.)


Rachelle said...

Very strange!!!

Alysia said...

funny! who knows though, maybe they would be worth the drive?!

Ben said...

My experience with doctors in NJ: Definitely not worth the drive. Granted, I was in northern NJ; maybe they're nicer down near Camden. Ha.

sdande said...

Since I'm rotating on an OB/GYN service right now, I could line you guys up with a couple of great doc's who offer super service at rock bottom prices...and you'd only have to drive 1703 miles to get here from NSL! ;)