Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ada's Letter to Santa

First off - Happy Thanksgiving! There is nothing I'm more thankful for than Al's girls and Alison, Ada and Kate. See Alison's post about the girls here.

Ada figured that she needed to send a letter to Santa this year. She suggested to Alison that she should just take it outside and let the wind carry it up to the North Pole. I countered that suggestion be telling her that we should mail it to the North Pole (I hope she doesn't find her letter in my work bag. I'd better hide it)...

Here is her letter to Santa (we try and help on the spelling, but she often just tries to wing it on her own):
Princess makeup
Princess instrument set
Sleeping Beauty house
Pillow pet
Rainbow dash pony bicycle

I also had her address an envelope to Santa:
To Santa
From Ada Squire (notice the Squire reads right to left).

Let's just say that Santa got the message and it should be a good Christmas for little Ada.


T.Irwin said...

Tyler, she is so sweet. I love this little letter! And I love that she spelled Squire backwards. So cute!

Sabrina said...

So cute! She did a great job with that letter. Isn't it interesting that they write backward sometimes? Adie does that with her name probably 25% of the time. Her preschool teaching says they call it mirror image and it's really normal. Anyway, it does sounds like Ada will get a great Christmas this year.

Rachelle said...

She is so cute and so smart!!!! That letter is adorable.