Sunday, March 08, 2015

The House - Week 19

Week 19 - March 2, 2015

Not much to report this week. There was a pretty good snow storm on Monday that created a muddy mess around the house for the rest of the week.

Questar stopped by to install the gas meter.  We'll have to get the furnaces going once the mudding and taping starts.

The top two floors of the house were stocked with sheetrock.

That stuff is heavy. What a miserable job!

The weekly checkup on our neighbors.

We had coordinated with the architect to have the brine tank for our water softener located in the garage (no more carrying heavy salt bags to the basement, yay!).  This was shown on the plans, but I had noticed that the rough-in for the water softener was in a different location.  I emailed our contractor and that morning they had the plumbers back out there to rough-in the water softener per our plans.  This complicates the water distribution in our house as the water heaters and softener are on opposite sides of the house, but no more carrying heavy bags of salt to the basement, yay!

Alison and I walked through our neighbor's framed house and took a picture of our house from there.

This week: Hopefully we start hanging sheetrock, but we'll have to see...

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