Sunday, April 26, 2015

The House - Week 20

Week 20 - March 9, 2015

This week was mainly focused on sheetrock throughout the house.  However, the exterior stone and tarpaper was also delivered.

Gas meter installed and ready to go.

Sheetrock installation started upstairs in the toy room.

Here they are hanging sheetrock in the bedrooms (ceilings were done first).

Looking from Ada's room out into the hallway.

A view from the rear of the house.

In the garage.  The spray on insulation above the ceiling on the outside of the toy room walls.

Blown in insulation in the garage wall.  "Put 5/8" drywall in this garage."

Exterior rock, mortar, wire mesh, etc.

Sheetrocking the great room.

The great room and homework nook ceiling.

Another view.

The basement is fully stocked with mud and sheetrock.  I really want to know how they got the basement loaded.  Any way you slice it, that does not sound fun,

No rock. Only hip hop allowed.

Adding the rock to the front of the house.

Another view.

Close up view of the rock.

A view of the great room ceiling from the upstairs.  Who is going to change those lights?

Looking into the toy room.

From the upstairs landing looking down towards the front door.

Basement ceilings and top wall panels are done.

Looking towards the basement kitchen.

In the telecom/AV room.  I would have been ok leaving this room un-sheetrocked, but no biggie.

Basement hallway.

The weekly update of our neighbors to the south.  Both homes are moving along.

Most of the exterior has been caulked in preparation for painting.

Wide angle view of the great room, kitchen and upstairs overlook.

Sheetrock in the garage.  That had better be 5/8" sheetrock.

Looking towards the front door.

Kate in the breakfast nook.

Basement is done. Mud and tape is stocked and ready.

Looking into the theater room.

A trend has been to use quick connects with outlets and switches.  It looks like that is what the electrician will be doing in our house as well.

A view of the front.  The rock on the front is about halfway done.

A close-up of the corner rockwork.

Next week: Finishing the rockwork and starting the mudding and taping.

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