Sunday, July 10, 2016

The House - Week 28

Week 28 - May 4, 2015

More progress this week!

This was a bit disappointing.  We had found a way to slope the landscaping from the front yard to the backyard, which was nice.  However, the power company didn't want to have the meter set on a slope, so the rockwork had to be re-done to create a couple of distinct tiers.

Bum crack spotted.

The deck has been finished.

The railing has been stained.

Ongoing rockwork along the south side of the yard and house.

Lyla Jane posing.

Everybody else wanted to get in on this action.  Ada posing.

And Kate, sitting dangerously.

Al in her boots.

It's a good thing she wore them.  The key to the house was in a lock box at the front door, but there was a cesspool guarding the porch.  She put her Hunter boots to good use.

Painting the cubbies in the mud room.

Painting the railing posts.  The previously stained railing and base wood have been protected with painters tape and paper.

Painting the baseboard and trim.

Starting to clean up the electrical wiring in the panel.

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