Saturday, August 27, 2016

The House - Week 31

Week 31 - May 25, 2015

This week was more finish work.

Wood flooring installed and protected (mostly).

The railing looks good without the paint protection.

All of the interior doors were painted in the backyard garage.

Kitchen/family room painting complete. We also delivered all of our light fixtures that we had purchased on our own (most of them) and had delivered to our house in Foxboro. It took a few trips to get them all up here.  We had a bid allowance of $5,000 for light fixtures, but we ended up spending at least double that amount which we just paid out of pocket for.

Lyla walking the plank.

The back view.  24 solar panels installed.  (As a side note in the last 13 months we've produced more than 9.6 Megawatt hours of energy!).

Little did we know at the time that getting RMP to set our electrical meter was going to be a royal pain in the butt.

This gateway allows us to monitor our solar PV production over the internet.

Our big rock wall saga: City code only allows for retaining walls to be a maximum of 9' tall.  Due to the circumstances out of our control (ask me in person for the details if you're interested), our retaining wall ended up being about 11' tall (look at the size of those boulders along the bottom).  We had to request a variance from the city for the taller wall, then we had a hearing in the city council chambers and this is Alison's ecstatic response after we found out that our variance had been granted.

We got our solar panels through Intermountain Wind and Solar out of Woods Cross.  I've been extremely pleased with them and give them a hearty recommendation!

Next week: Cabinets and speakers.

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