Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cancun - Days 1 & 2

Moving onto 2016.

A new year, a new trip to blog about.

Our first trip of 2016 took us to Cancun.  This is the first time that we've traveled outside of the country since Lyla was born (We spent a night with Ada and Kate in Vancouver in August 2011).  We got the girls passports and got all packed up. We brought lots of dollar bills to use for tips in our resort.

Just as our Houston trip from last October, we flew Frontier Airlines and our trip once again required an overnight stay in Denver.  This time, at least, our flight the following morning didn't leave too early, so we were able to take our time.

We flew on the deer plane.  Kate is seeing what she would look like with antlers.

In January the Broncos were in the midst of their Superbowl run.  The flight boards were the Broncos colors, all of the airport signage was supporting the Broncos, but I most loved the Easter egg of Omaha! Omaha! Omaha! (Peyton Manning's favorite snap count).

Contemplative Ada.

One tip to flying on Frontier (and other discount airlines) is to bring your own snacks.  Kate's made herself a ham, cheese and cracker sandwich.

We finally made it to Cancun, we had a driver setup to take us to our resort.  After we checked-in our first stop was to sit on the beach and eat some dinner.

This was the view that greeted us the following morning.  Awesome!

The girls were excited to play their new kindle fires (They got them for Christmas, but they hadn't been allowed to play them all that much).

Kate getting her game on.

We ordered room service that first morning.  Zucaritas!

Choco Krispis!

It was pretty windy all week, which kept it a little on the cool side unfortunately.

Ada and I went on a walk along the beach to check out the area.

We stayed at The Royal Cancun Resort.  There were a couple of restaurants on-site, but we also had access to any of the restaurants at their 3 sister resorts in Cancun (as well as a free shuttle between them). This night we tried the Italian Restaurant.

Ada loves her pepperoni pizza.

Tomorrow: more lounging on the beach and at the pool.

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