Sunday, December 18, 2016

Boston & Montreal - Day 2

First off, a couple of pictures from yesterday from Alison's phone.  I didn't find these until after I published the last post.

From Salem:

Alison was sad that we didn't go into the museum. I wasn't dying to pay the entry fees.

Ada loved the little recycling bins on the side of the street in Salem.

Sleepyheads after a red-eye flight.

Now, onto Day 2 - May 20, 2016:

First stop today was the Aquarium.  As is usually the case, most of our photos are a bit fuzzy from being in the dark.

Touching the rays.

Fish face.

From the aquarium we walked to Quincy Market and Fanieul Hall.  We grabbed some lunch and continued our walk to the Boston Museum of Science (technically we took the T to the Science Park stop).  In the picture above we are standing at the Holocaust Monument.  This is one of my favorite monuments anywhere.  There are 6 glass towers, each with 1 million prisoner numbers on them representing the 6 million Jews that were killed in the Holocaust.

When we arrived, we had just missed the electricity and lightning show (which is one of the best science museum shows anywhere).  But, we were able to find all sorts of things to fill our time.

I was a little sleepy after the red-eye flight and long day of driving the day before.

Ada has the whole world in her hands.  I really wanted to see Eartha, but this globe will have to do.

After the Boston Museum of Science we made our way back across town to the Boston Children's Museum.  It was a free night at the Children's Museum, so we figured that even if we only stayed for a few minutes we would get our money's worth.

We started in the Children's Theater were they were putting on a show of the Three Little Pigs.  Ada volunteered to be one of the pigs.


Ada and Kate on the dance floor.

Lyla and I built a huge tower.

We ended up staying a lot longer than we had planned.  That's probably the sign of a good Children's Museum.

We were staying at the Omni Parker House right downtown and there was a Cheeseboy Grilled Cheese restaurant right nearby that was a perfect place for dinner after a long day.

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