Monday, February 12, 2007

Sad Week

It's been a sad week around here. There have been so many accidents and tragic deaths in the last few days. It's really tough and makes me so sad. Here are some of the news stories that I have felt impacted by:

Eric Sieger killed in Iraq - I grew up in the same ward as Eric Sieger. He was quite a bit younger than me but I remember him and when he and his siblings were adopted. He is the first person that I've known to have died in Iraq. His funeral was today.

Home blows up - Las week, a house in Saratoga Springs blews up with the mother and a Questar gas guy inside. The house was totally destroyed. A father was left single with an 18 month-old in the hospital. Sad.

Drunk teen driver kills 3.5 - On Friday, a 17-year old boy drove drunk and killed the pregnant mother, Ben (11) and Anna (9) of the William's family. The father (an LDS Bishop) lived, along with two children (one of whom wasn't in the vehicle, the other of whom is in critical condition). The father publicly announced that he forgives the teen. He is a much stronger man than I.

Trolley Square shooting spree - Earlier tonite, a crazy man walked through Trolley Square shooting people at random. It is still unknown how many total victims there are. There are 6 dead (including the gunmen), but many are still in critical condition. What a disturbing thing to have happen just 1.5 miles from home.

There are so many crazy people out there. It simply scares me sometimes. How can I protect my family from people/things that are dangerous? I guess that God has a plan for everyone. I pray for everyone involved in these heartbreaking tragedies.

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