Saturday, December 29, 2007

Good Grades

I just finished my second to last semester and I got the best grades of my college career. I finished the semester with a 3.85 GPA. I had more credits than I've ever taken, money was tighter than ever (so I felt like I needed to work more than ever), but that must have been a recipe for success. I'm looking forward to (hopefully) my easiest semester yet. Only 10 credits, 2 classes.
Class key:
CVEEN 5700 - Nuclear Engineering I
ECE 6710 - Digital VLSI Design
ECE 6900 - Graduate Seminar (CR means credit)
ECE 6960 - History of Computer & Engineering Logic
PHYS 6610 - Physics of Electronics
UGS 4800 - Undergraduate Research


Alison Squire said...

You are amazing!

Chris & Jenny & now Grant said...

Does that mean you'll get your worst grades ever next semester? That might have been my case this semester. I wasn't working and didn't have a heavy schoolload but couldn't help but spend time with Jenny & Grant. Less busy=bad grades this semester. Maybe next semester. :)

harrycarrey said...

What a kick running into your blog. I was looking at Katie (Iverson)Bairds blog, then saw Jenn and Ben's link. Then I about died when I saw you had your own blog. I really must be the last person not to have one. Anyway just thought I'd say hi.
Jana Dover Barlow