Monday, December 03, 2007

To Do:

Fall semester ends next week. As always, the stress is increased until all finals, projects and papers have been turned in. Once this semester is over, I will only have 1 left! During the last few weeks of class, I always make a list of everything that I've got to do before the end of the semester (it's coming whether I'm ready or not).

1. Graduate Physics Lab Project
2. Nuclear Engineering HW (1 assignment)
3. Physics Test
4. Nuclear Engineering Final Exam
5. Physics Final Exam
6. Digital VLSI Project
7. Digital VLSI Final Project Report
8. History of Logic Paper

Not a bad list - but I've also got to put time in at work (pay for Christmas) and working on my research (if there's any time left).


Spencer said...

[After the semester ends]

9. Watch Utah handle Navy without too much difficulty in the Poinsettia Bowl. (You know the Utes are going to drop the hammer on those guys.)

10. Give a glance to BYU's inevitable win over UCLA in Vegas before getting bored and going in the other room to catch up on some long-neglected reading. (I saw you do this last year as BYU was kicking Oregon's teeth in.)

tysqui said...

You know, maybe #9 can be better done in San Diego...

Why UCLA???

Katey said...

Good luck with all that! Looks like a lot of work to me! Just one more semester and your done. The light is at the end of the tunnel!