Thursday, May 15, 2008

5 Good Ones

Al and I will both be posting more about our recent trip in the days to come. Here are 5 of my favorite photos from the excursion (click on the pictures to see enlarged versions). On another note, we just added 41 adorable pictures to our space which we haven't updated in ages...

1. The nighttime view from Ang and Hyrum's condo.
2. Daytime view from the same window as above.
3. A wet, swimming polar bear at the Lincoln Park Zoo
4. The Nauvoo Temple
5. Ada, tulips and Alison


Rachelle said...

I cant wait to hear all about your trip! I love the one with Ada and the tulips. That view is AMAZING!!

Katey said...

WOW thats an amazing view.. lucky. Sounds like a fun trip!

Rummage said...

Good thing you took so many pictures. Angie has been in a funk ever since you took her niece away.