Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Alison, Ada and I arrived in Chicago last Saturday afternoon and have been having a wonderful time. One opportunity that we overlooked before getting here was that we would maybe have the chance to see Wicked. Neither of us knew much about the musical aside from hearing rave reviews from everybody that had seen it.

Here in Chicago Wicked is performed at the Oriental theater in the downtown loop. It's about a 10 minute walk from Angie and Hyrum's condo (where we are staying). The theater was easily the most ornate theater that either of us had ever been in (even more than the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow). It's one of those theaters that could have it's own tours when there aren't performances going on. It was beautiful.

The show was also fantastic. Every day, 2 hours before the show starts the theater releases 20 tickets (on the first and second rows) by random drawing to the public. You've got to put your name in a hat and be present with cash and ID to claim the tickets. Alison, her sister (Angie) and I all submitted our names hoping to get pulled. As luck would have it, Alison came through for us (pregnant women deserve to be lucky). We paid $25 for each ticket on the first row of the theater and it was amazing. I love being so close to the performers and being able to watch the musicians. The actors were amazing, especially Glinda and Elphaba. Considering these tickets retailed for $125-$165 each, we figure that Alison's luck saved us $200-$280 (not that we would have even paid that much...).

For anyone that hasn't seen the show, consider this another four-star review and top recommendation (and a special thanks to Angie for watching Ada).


Becky said...

I'll have to tell Josh to read this. I have been dying to see it, and will hopefully get a chance to buy tickets when they come here in 2009. I would like Josh to go with me, but I don't think he's too thrilled about it. I'm sure he thinks it's another cheesy/hokey musical. Maybe this will change his mind! Thanks for the review!

Anna said...

That's so funny! When I was in Chicago last, I entered that drawing too and had my name pulled and the whole bit. Except, for some reason, that night they were offering an odd number of tickets, so since my name was the last one pulled, it was only for 1 $25 ticket instead of 2. So I went by myself and the friends I was traveling with did something else that night.

Morgue said...

WOW that is a fun story.I am so glad you liked the show it is amazing. You better take Al to Vegas with her luck. She is the only one I know that has won haunted house tickets and Wicked tickets.

Neal said...

It must be the luck of the pregant for the unluck of the Petersons. We went to the drawing 3 times and never won. I think everyone else who have been to the Marstons have won.

Glad it was fun. Enjoy graduation.

Josh said...

Glad to hear you're having a good time back in the windy city. I just missed you out there. I was in Chicago for a business trip and got back the day before you left. I had teased Becky about going to see Wicked without her, but she didn't like that idea so I went to a Cubs game instead. What else have you guys done out there?