Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hard at Work

Have I mentioned on here lately how much I love my job? It's challenging, overwhelming, difficult, and even stressful but I really like it. There is just so much to learn that I often don't know where to start on the projects that I am given.

In other news, Alison and I got new callings a little while back. She is a ward missionary and I have been called as a counselor in the Sunday School Presidency. Neither of us have had callings anything like the ones that we've got now, but we're both excited for the challenge and the chance to serve.

Last week I bought a Black & Decker battery powered edger. I bought it for $100 and it came with 2 18 volt batteries. Each battery lasted about 20 minutes - which should be good enough for our yard. I used both batteries up because the yard hadn't been edged in over a month and I had to learn how to edge (considering I've only edged once or twice - and both times were in the 90's). I recommend it for people with small yards - as long as you're not expecting too much.

The best news of all is that football season starts in just 24 days - just a little over 3 weeks away! We'll know immediately whether or not the Utes will be any good (assuming that the Wolverines are ready to play). I won't make any bets but I expect they'll be alright.


brett said...

I actually fully expect the U to show very well, if not win their game against Michigan. They've always been quite good at getting up for big games (see UCLA, BYU, any recent bowl game). I'm holding judgement to determine how good the U is until they've played UNLV and SDSU.

Jason, Hollie, and Brianna Whinham said...

I recently bought that same edger. Make sure that you have recently recharged the batteries. If it is longer than a week than you will run out of juice really fast.

tysqui said...

@jason - good note on the edger.

@brett - Alison and I both agree with you. The last few years Utah has frustratingly played to the level of their competition (whether it be good or bad) in most games. Much like the Jazz did all season.

sdande said...

Hmmm...Utah State hey aggies all the way. Go aggies go aggies HEY HEY HEY!!!(They will be so incredibly awesome if...they find someone to play quarterback, running back, wide receiver, O-Line, D-Line, Linebacker, cornerback and safety! oh and find someone to coach them also;)

neal peterson said...

I just bought a craftsman gas weedeater. It died like 15 times the first time I tried it out. Hopefully it just needed to warm up...maybe next time I'll go for the battery pack. Or hire a lawnservice.