Sunday, August 24, 2008

PSP vs. DS

Although the voting numbers were small, I appreciated everybody's input. I'll now let the truth be known.

I actually took both. First, I took the PSP. It was worth more than anything else on the table and I was planning on just selling it on eBay. I'm not really a Sony fan (MemoryStick, exploding batteries...) and there's no way that I'd spend $40 (or more) on games for the system. The pros for the PSP are that it has wi-fi capability and can play movies (which are ridiculously expensive as well).

After sitting with the PSP for a few minutes, I decided to exchange it for the Nintendo DS (which I decided I would actually use). The day after I took home the DS I went out and bought the game Brain Age (which I've always thought I would probably like). Now, Alison and I each play it for a few minutes most nights. On my first day playing, I got a brain age of 24 (it's now 26 or something).

Anybody know any good games for the DS?


Trever & Heather said...

My short-list:

-Professor Layton and the Curious Village (highly recommend!)
- Picross
- Brain Age
- WarioWare (Ava loves the toy room on this one)
- Nintendogs
= Cooking Mama
- Elite Beat Agents (kind of like Guitar Hero)
- Animal Crossing
- Under the Knife (you use your memory to perform operations!)

Trever's Short-List:

- Meteos (highly recommend)
- Zelda
- Castlevania
- Advance Wars
- Super Mario Brothers
- Yoshi's Island

I like more of the "puzzle" games, Trever plays more of the "adventure" games. And there you have it!

Chalen said...

We have 2 DS's and we really like Super Mario Bros and Mario Kart-we like that we can play the 2 player star stomping game on SMB and race against each other. These 2 games are also fun to play against other people-either in person or on the internet. When we get my family together, we have 5 DS's between everyone and we have tons of fun playing Mario Kart. Nathan also likes Lego Star Wars-the complete saga, but I haven't played it much so I don't really know.