Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fantasy Football

First off, Fantasy Football. The last couple years I've been in a fantasy football league with Alison and other family members. There were rumors earlier in the year on this blog that my team was no good. While I was happy to make the playoffs with my 7-6 record, I cruised through the playoffs and came up victorious in the end, winning the final game by 7.

My brother Jordan and I played in our league's fantasy Superbowl II. Throughout the whole season my team averaged more than 10 points per game more than the next best team. The problem was that every week the team I was playing had their best game. In the end, it all worked out though and the Annihilators brought home the coveted Squire/Lombardi trophy.

For the real Superbowl, both Alison and I will be cheering for the same team (unless we are talking about the Jazz or Buffalo Bills this is very rare). While (according to the experts) the Cardinals may be one of the worst teams to ever play in a Superbowl, we'll both be cheering Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald and (my best fantasy receiver) Anquan Boldin on loudly. Go Cards!


Clark said...

My fantasy team scored way more points than anybody else's in the league, but some how I ended up 7-6 and out of the playoffs. My team fell apart at the end of the season, particularly in the consolation bracket and I ended up with an 8th place finish.

My demise was mostly fueled by those very Cardinals that are now in the super bowl. For the last few weeks of the regular season they dropped some games badly, and both Warner and Boldin played very poorly (or not at all). Add to that the implosion of the cowboys vs the eagles where Marion Barber didn't do anything for my team, and the injuries to Reggie Bush and I had the best, highest scoring team in the league for every every week but the ones that really counted.

Tim said...

You and I will have to play in a league next year. I LOVE fantasy football.