Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2008 by the Numbers

  • Bought a house worth 142 times as much as my 1995 Geo Prizm aka Lurp Truck III
  • Used 201 kWh of electricity (since June 25th)
  • Used 25 DTH (decatherms) of natural gas (since June 25th)
  • Increased my hourly wage by 2 times (Have I mentioned that I love my job recently?)
  • Added 1 baby to the family for a grand total of 2 kids
  • Read 34 books for an average of 38.75 pages per day or a grand total of 14,137 pages
  • Spent $974.29 on (which doesn’t include $679.98 worth of purchases for my dad)
  • Spent 1001 minutes on airplanes flying in the sky
  • Visited 8 states
  • Wrote 164 blog posts (34 of which were reviewing the books I read throughout the year)
  • Took 3 final exams
  • Voted 2 times
  • Went to 6 football games (all of which my team won) 1,2,3,4,5,6
  • Enjoyed parts of all 366 days
  • Turned 27 years old
  • Met 1 apostle (and he called me on my cell phone)
  • Increased our living quarters square footage by 1,594 square feet
  • Most viewed blog post was written in 2007 and had 240 views in 2008
  • Had visitors from 67 countries to this blog (Even from China. The Great Firewall of China is not blocking Lurp’s Lounge… yet)


alisquire said...

Only an engineer...

David and Amy said...

Wow! Those are some impressive figures! You've had a great year.

David and Amy said...
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Taylor said...

If I could read at that page rate, law school would be so much easier! If you weren't already on a partner-track I'd tell you to reconsider your career!

sdande said...

Only you would calculate those numbers...haha! Sounds like a great year! I'm glad we realized over the break that there is someone who might have more debt than me. ;)