Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Done. Finished. Complete. Doesn't that sound nice?

I just finished my last final. It's a great feeling. Finals week this semester hasn't been nearly as stressful or difficult as semesters past. It helps that I've got a job all lined up, that I've only got three classes and that I'm fairly certain that I'll easily pass them all. For posterity's sake, here's a rundown of my last three classes.

CVEEN 5730 - Survey of Nuclear Power
This class was especially easy because of the nuclear engineering class that I took last semester. There wasn't much homework and the tests weren't too difficult. The final exam was scheduled for this Thursday but the teacher was nice enough to move it to the last day of class. This shortened the final exam's possible length from 2 hours to 50 minutes. The most tedious part of the class was that we had to gather and review a couple of news articles each week. Regardless, going into the final I had 98.6% in the class (without any extra credit).

ECE 3510 - Feedback Control Systems
This was my last undergraduate class. I put it off until this semester to force me to stick around and get my masters degree and because I knew that I would really like the class. While the class wasn't as bad as I expected, it was still time consuming. The class met 4 days/week and we had a three hour lab (which usually took quite a bit longer than that) each week. I have a hard time believing that this class is crucial for EEs when I'm about to graduate (with a masters no less) and have done just fine without it. There was quite a bit of homework in this class but it usually wasn't too difficult. The 2 hour final exam was last Friday at 10:30 AM. The first person left at 1:00 PM and I didn't leave until 2:00 PM (and 70% of the class was still there). Half of the final consisted of things that I (and apparently the rest of the class) was seeing for the first time right then. After about 2 1/2 hours had passed the teacher stood up and said "okay, I'm going to come around the room and give everybody one big hint on a problem of their choice." Who does that? And more importantly, what kind of teacher writes a final like that? Loser.

ECE 6730 - Antenna Theory and Design
This class wasn't too bad but it was a bit of a pain. We had homework due every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and there was a bit too much theory and not enough design for my liking. I just finished the final exam this morning and while it was harder than expected, I'll have no problem scoring above average on the test. It was a filler class.


Ben said...

Congrats, Tyler! Look for a post like this on our blog in, oh, about 5 years. Yikes.

alisquire said...


Sabrina said...

Congratulations, Tyler. That is a huge accomplishment.

T.Irwin said...

I gotta say that the class titles are not all that exciting; and frankly I feel quite dumb just reading them. Without your descriptions, I would have NO idea what the class is even about.

BUT that all said - congratson finishing this semester. I'm sure you are feeling so much free-er (is that a word?)

Shanny said...

What a great feeling to be done with school, and to have a great job all lined up. Congrats!

Taylor said...

Did you ever think it would end? I think I've had my doubts at times.

You are now a read person, done with school and gainfully (oh, so gainfully!) employed. Congrats.

See you in the line tomorrow I assume.

Brett & Kim said...

Congratulations, Tyler!!! We're a little jealous, but it's nice to hear that graduation does eventually come! :) That is a huge accomplishment!!!