Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Haunted House

Saturday at the Bees Game, Alison won tickets from Country Joe to the Castle of Chaos Haunted House (yes, in April). We were able to go Saturday night (thanks to Jordan and Morgan for watching Ada). There are three attractions at the haunted house. Normally you can go through two of the three attractions for $12 and add the third for $5 more. Lucky for us, we had the premium tickets.

The first attraction was a vampire murder mystery of sorts. It was enjoyable, but but we never would have paid the entrance fee. Most importantly, Alison and I won from our group and won a couple of free drinks in the process.

The second attraction was a 3D haunted house (which was pretty good) and the third was the extreme haunted house. From the Castle of Chaos website:

"In 2008 we have tripled the size of X-Scream, making it a haunted house of its own, and will require a waiver to be signed if you want the full effect. There is nothing like this in Utah- there is nothing more intense.

"The Ultimate X-Scream will mess you up for life. Playing upon the most natural and innate fears in all people, the Ultimate X-Scream area may just be too much for you to handle. This area will make you experience fears you've only dreamt [sic] about. Much more intense than anything else you'll find in Utah, do not enter this area unless you are truly prepared for a shock. Graphic scenes, tight spaces, crawl spaces, small drops and confinement await you in our first year of "pushing the envelope" in Utah. This area is meant to terrorize you and leave you screaming for more."

Let me just say that Al had to change her panties after this last one.

**Clarification: They make the haunted house sound a whole lot better than it actually was. And, Alison being pregnant, made it through the Ultimate X-Scream just fine (without even peeing her pants).

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Emily said...

You might not remember me...but I found you off of Nellie's Blog. This is Emily(Rasmussen)Thomas. I just wanted to say Hi and it looks like things are going good for you. Have fun.