Monday, April 14, 2008


  • Last week during the Priesthood Session of General Conference, I volunteered to help clean. I wasn't sure what to expect and when I got there I was assigned to an employee and we were in charge of keeping a few bathrooms on the balcony floor clean and stocked during the session. Because only men are invited to the Priesthood Session, they change many of the women's bathrooms to men's for the session. After initially stocking the bathrooms, we spent a big chunk of the rest of the remaining time emptying the 'female waste receptacles' in each of the stalls. At least I was wearing a pair of gloves, the dude I was working with had no shame and went glove free. Most of the bathrooms had 24-28 stalls. The last bathroom we worked on had 46 stalls! Not what I expected to be doing during Priesthood Session...
  • I love my job. I've been working around 30 hours/week because I'd much prefer to be working than at school. I can't wait to start full-time. What's most exciting is that there is so much to learn. I've been working on some energy calculations for the newly remodeled Utah State Capitol. In the capitol there are 4,679 light fixtures (of which around 750 are incandescent). There is almost 1/2 MW of lighting in the capitol!
  • We went to the Bees game on Saturday (which they won 11-10 over the Portland Beavers). They are now 10-1 and on track for a pretty decent season. The biggest problem about the minor leagues, though, is that the better you are the more often your parent club will call up your players. I love baseball.
  • To prepare myself for a hike that I'm going on later this week (I'll give a full report later, don't sweat), I walked home from the Bees game in my new hiking boots. While walking on pavement doesn't compare too well with with hiking over rocks and dirt, the 4.2 miles I walked should help my body to be ready.
  • I've only got 3 tests left before I graduate.
  • I've only got 3 days of school left before I graduate (because I'll be gone most of this week on my little trip to Supai, AZ).

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Rachelle said...

That is SO exciting that you are so close to being done with school. We need to have a major PARTY!!