Friday, June 26, 2009

Flag Friday - Fenway Park

For some reason, when we visited New England as a family, we didn't take the time to visit Maine. Because of that, my mom and I flew out to Boston so that I could knock Maine off my list. We spent some time in Boston (and Kittery, Maine), but because the Red Sox didn't make the playoffs that year Fenway Park stood empty on the day that we visited. On the trip home, I convinced my mom to let me bump and stay another night alone in Boston, while she flew home. I got a free flight out of the deal and flew First Class from Boston to Phoenix (because I was a 16-year-old working it with the flight attendants (that or they felt bad for me...). Boston is one of my favorite places (and I have since been to a ballgame at Fenway Park - see this post).

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Jason, Hollie, and Brianna Whinham said...

I remember us when we were 16... Something tells me you were not, in fact, "working it"!