Saturday, June 06, 2009


Ada: Daddy I want some crackers.

I go to the pantry and pull out some Cheese-Nips.

Ada: No. Not those ones, the 'exagon ones.

I didn't really understand what she said so I asked her to repeat it. I thought that she said "hexagon," but I didn't know whether or not we had any. Just to check I found a box of Cheez-its (Don't ask why we have both kinds, we rarely eat them) and offered it to her.

Ada: No. I want the 'exagon ones, Daddy. Those aren't 'exagons.

Confused I look through the pantry again before finding some multi-grain Wheat Thins shaped as hexagons. I should have known.

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Rachelle said...

How funny is that? Ada is so amazing!!!