Monday, February 28, 2011

Phone Camera Dump #2

This is the second and final batch of random photos from my phone camera.

I don't recall the specifics of this picture, but it was taken April 11, 2010. Amazingly, today (February 27, 2011) Kate is wearing the same dress.
My good friend Dan took me to a Jazz playoff game. In the lower bowl. We got free shirts. I've always been jealous of the fans at the playoff games (for any team) that get the free shirts. Now I'm one of them.
This is our new playground set. We spent a weekend last June putting it together. The girls absolutely love it.
Bear Lake = cold water, choppy ski. But I love it.
Ada and Kate.
Kate driving the fire truck at our ward summer breakfast.
Kate taking her cousin Max on a drive. She especially likes him when he's shirtless...
Niagara Falls to visit a lighting factory in Canada.
I got to control the lights of Niagara Falls while everybody was watching the fireworks. Ada and Alison were able to pull up a webcam of the falls and tell me what colors to change the falls. It was awesome!
Ada and her cousin Ella.
My Sunday lunches after church are the best - especially in the fall when there is football involved.
This is a politicians graveyard near RES.
Sleeping Beauty wearing Cruella DeVil's beau's jacket.
Gameday at RES. Go Utes.
Kate loves her chu-law-ket.
Ada was looking forward to telling Santa what she wanted for Christmas. She was excited when she finally got the chance.
Kate, Alison and Ada on the Mickey Ferris Wheel at California Adventureland.
As the title suggests, this is the "World's Largest Golden Nugget" housed at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas Nevada. We stayed here for $30 on our way home from Southern Cal (
Grandma holding Brynlee at the Utah-BYU game at the Huntsman Center.
Sundays are tough days.
I take Alison out to a nice restaurant and this is what I get?

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