Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Favorite Song

Ada and Kate are simply obsessed with the following song. Every time that we get in the car, they are begging to hear it on the radio. As you can imagine the radio rarely obliges, but late last night as we were all returning from the airport the song came on the radio and the girls were so excited. Ada knows a good portion of the words and Kate is always begging for the "I won't let you choke song." I love when they just start singing the chorus as they're playing throughout the day.

I present to you Mumford and Sons - The Cave:


Steve said...

Nice Song! I love me some Mumford and Sons. It is surprising they have made it out of the UK and onto mainstream American radio. That is hilarious your kids bust out into singing the chorus randomly. It is funny how our taste in music makes it's way into our children's musical vocabulary. I am afraid my kids know some pretty weird songs and if someone heard them singing them at random they would probably really wonder not only about the kids but about the kid's parents. Great song and post!

Rachelle said...

I like that song too. Good taste girls!