Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Pacific Northwest

As a wrap-up to our trip to the Pacific Northwest, I wanted to share our tips and tricks.

CityPASS Seattle

We highly recommend this pass if you are interested in doing more than three of the included attractions. For $59, we got entry to the Seattle Aquarium, a 1-hour Argosy Harbor Cruise, The Pacific Science Center, The Space Needle, Woodland Park Zoo (or Museum of Flight) and the Experience Music Project (which we did not use). The adult admission to each of these attractions is around $20, so we saved $40 each on our visit.

We felt that 2 1/2 days was plenty of time to spend in Seattle. We could have filled additional time if we had it, but we were satisfied.

Olympic Peninsula

This is a place that we would love to visit again. In fact, I could easily spend a week in the area and I would still probably wish for more time. I would have really liked to visit other parts of Olympic National Park, especially the rain forests along the western edge.

Twilight has been pretty big here in Utah, but it does not compare to the obsession that Team Edward and Team Jacob have inspired in their supposed stomping grounds. The Twilight Series has obviously been a major contributor to the tourism in the area.

Vancouver, Canada

Once again, this is somewhere that I would like to spend a whole lot more time. We gave ourselves a little taste of the area and now we would love to return. Both Alison and I were amazed by the multi-cultural makeup of Vancouver. In our few minutes walking along the street, we heard quite a number of different languages and we were both surprised with the amount of French that we heard.

All in all, we traveled:
By air - 1,374 miles
By car - 634 miles
By boat - 13 miles
By foot - Who knows?


Chalen said...

Glad you had fun on your trip. We live on the Olympic Penisula and have loved exploring it over the last three years.

Melissa Davidson said...

It's nice to hear you enjoyed your CityPASS. If you feel like posting your story and photos, we have new travel community called City Traveler at www.citypass.com/citytraveler. Other travelers could definitely use your words of advice on Seattle!


Steve said...

Great recap of the Pacific Northwest. I agree a couple of days is ample for Seattle it is a cool City but the real appeal of Washington and BC is all the wilderness.

The Olympic Range has endless opportunities to explore. Vancouver is great and Stanley Park is amazing. I occasional run through it when I am at UBC doing analysis. I haven't even scratched the surface of the Mainland BC but would love to do the Canadian Rockies next Summer maybe into the Yukon or NW territories.

It looks like an amazing trip. you should have swung up to Victoria for a day, we would have loved to host you...next time swing by!

I think it is great to see you were able to explore so much of the Pac NW. I would stay here forever if I could but it is definitely pricey especially on the Island. I am trying to enjoy it while it lasts.