Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Disney World & Florida - Day 1

We had a fantastic summer, but I'm going to skip July and most of August and move right onto our next trip at the end of August.  My brother and his wife found a great deal on priceline packages that had flights and a hotel at Disney World for a great price.  Alison and I talked about it for a couple of hours before signing up.  It ended up being just over $400/per person for the flight and 8 nights at a hotel. We had to purchase the park tickets separately.

The flight took us through Denver and the girls were pretty good.  We arrived late Tuesday, August 28th, picked up our rental car and headed to our hotel, that was about 1.5 miles from Disney's Animal Kingdom.

We arrived so late at the hotel, that housekeeping wasn't available to get us a portable crib.  We improvised with the extra blankets and Lyla found herself sleeping in the tub.  She actually slept great, but we moved her into a crib for the rest of our stay.

We spent the first day at Disney's Magic Kingdom.  We hit all of the usual rides, Small World, Dumbo (in the new Fantasyland area), Pooh, Peter Pan, the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, etc.

The girls had a great time and were especially excited once we hooked up with Jordan, Morgan and their daughters Brynlee and Avery.

We came prepared for afternoon thunderstorms with ponchos and umbrellas.  Amazingly, this was the only day of our whole trip where we had any rain and it probably only rained for about 10 minutes and we had already taken cover at a children's play area near Splash Mountain.

The girls were great. We only brought one umbrella stroller, but rather than rent a second stroller for Ada and Kate to share, we picked up a second umbrella stroller for the same price that it would have cost us to rent a stroller for a single day at any of the parks.  We ended up just leaving the stroller in the parking lot at the end of our trip (but we left a FREE sign on it...).

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