Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Florida & Disney World - Day 3

Warning: Amusement park travelogue ahead. Proceed with caution!

Day 3 in Florida took us to Disney's Animal Kingdom.  Our hotel was just over a mile from Animal Kingdom, but we still drove and paid the $15 to park.  The facilities are lacking for walking from off-site onto Disney property...

We started with a ride on the Kilimanjaro Safaris.  This is a 15 minute jeep ride through a bunch of different animal enclosures.  There were hippos, giraffe, gazelles, elephants, rhinos and lions all roaming freely (at least that's what the cast members think...). 

After the safari, we went to the Lion King show and the Bug's Life shown in the base of the Tree of Life.  The Bug's Life show is a little on the scary show for Kate, but it's sure fun to watch her scream at the 3D elements.  Is that mean?

We were excited that both Ada and Kate were tall enough to go on the Kali River Rapids.  We played the rider swap card and Alison, Ada and Kate went on the ride (and got drenched) and then me, Ada and Kate went on the ride (and got drenched). 

The next stop was Finding Nemo - The Musical, which the girls also seemed to enjoy.  We enjoyed spending the afternoon in the air conditioned theater. After the show, both Alison and I went on Expedition Everest with Ada which was another fun ride. 

We let the girls play in the dinosaur boneyard before making one last stop in Animal Kingdom at the DINOSAUR ride.  I took Ada and Kate on this ride, it was another ride that was probably a little too scary for Kate, but she was a good sport.

We gave the girls Disney giftcards for their birthdays in July and they were excited to spend them on the way out of the park.  Ada picked a baby Dumbo stuffed toy and Kate picked a Polly Pocket Rapunzel set.  There was a little money left over for Lyla to get a stuffed piglet.

Animal Kingdom closes early, so we grabbed some pizza and were going to spend a quiet evening in the hotel, but I couldn't let my $15 parking go unused.  I convinced Ada to come with me to Epcot to ride Soarin', which is a fairly new attraction at Disney World.  We waited for just a hair under an hour to fly over California on a ride we've been on a bunch of times at California Adventure Land.  By the time we got off that ride, Epcot was closing and it was time for us to head back to the hotel.

Coming Up: Epcot Center with the whole family!

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Rachelle said...

I love that last picture of you and Ada. So cute!