Thursday, November 01, 2012

Florida & Disney World - Day 4

Warning: Amusement park travelogue ahead.  Proceed with caution!
While we didn't take very many pictures the first few days, for the rest of the trip we were on a bit of picture overload. There are more than 30 pictures in this post and I struggled trimming it down to even that many.

All over Disney World there are photographers waiting to take your picture.  Typically, these pictures are quite expensive.  However, you have the option of purchasing a digital download (or cd) of all pictures for a set price (I think we paid $160 for over 200 pictures). 

On our 4th day in Florida (Sat. 9/1), we made our way to Epcot.  We started out with Spaceship Earth (the ride in the Epcot ball).  I think Ada was mad about not getting to sit in the stroller or something.

Next, while I ran to grab some fast passes for Soarin', Alison and the girls waited in line to see Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald and Goofy.  Surprisingly, we saw more characters here at Epcot than at any of the other Disney parks.
I love how excited Kate is to see Goofy in this picture.  It was so fun to see the excitement on her face.

This is Kate getting ready to ride Soarin' for the first time.  She isn't quite sure what to expect.  She loved it just like her bigger sister.

After hitting a few of the rides in The Seas with Nemo and friends and The Land, we started to make our way around the World Showcase.

There are restaurants, shops and pavilions for 11 countries.  At each of the countries, the girls had to find the kids desk where they could do an activity and get a stamp on their Duffy the Disney Bear stick.

The first country that we visited was Canada, followed by Great Britain where we unexpectedly ran across Piglet and Pooh in a toy store.

Next we saw Mary Poppins as we were walking to France.

Ada in front of the Epcot Eiffel Tower.

In France, we stumbled upon Sleeping Beauty (and there was hardly any line), so the girls were excited to get some pictures with her.

Alison picked up a few treats from the French bakery that we ate while waiting for Belle and Beast to meet their guests.

Next came Morocco where we met Jasmine and Aladdin.

Then came Japan, the American Adventure, Italy and Germany.  Snow White makes appearances in Germany, but we weren't in that country at the right time.

In China, the girls were very excited to meet Mulan.

In Norway, Alison met her own little friend.

And in Mexico, the girls met the Mexican Donald and rode the Three Caballeros ride 3 or 4 times. 

By this time, we were pretty worn out so we slowly made our way to the exit.  The girls waited while I went on Mission: Space before we made our way back to our cozy little hotel room.

Next up: A Sunday visit to St. Augustine.

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