Monday, December 29, 2014

Disney World (Day 4)

Today, finally, we were able to sleep in a bit.  We had reservations for breakfast at Ohana (a restaurant right at our resort) with Lilo and Stitch, Mickey and Pluto.

None of us have ever seen Lilo and Stitch, but we knew who they were (just not what that creature is).

Mickey (4th time).

Cheers.  You can see Cinderella's castle from the windows, I bet this is a great place from which to watch the fireworks.


Alison went for Pluto's bootie.

After breakfast, we took a bus to Disney's Blizzard Beach.  Normally a day pass to this waterpark is $45-$53, but because the main pool at our resort was under construction they offered us free passes to come here.  We had to sign in at the ticket booth where they gave us towels to use, our passes and a bottle of sunscreen. I'm not sure if we were supposed to give the sunscreen back or what, but we were surprised by that.

The waterpark was pretty awesome. In true Disney fashion, every detail was addressed.  The wave pool is right near the sandy beach. There is a chairlift to the top of the waterslide mountain.  The first slide we went on was the world's longest family raft ride.  All five of us sat in a tube that careened down a long slide from the top of the hill.  It was really fun. We rode the lazy river (also huge), then Ada and I went on a couple of slides while Kate and Lyla played in the sand and Alison napped.

It was a little chilly to be swimming, but it was warmer than the previous few days.

After the waterpark, we returned to our resort where we surprised the girls with tickets to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.  I didn't love the idea of spending another $70 per person to get into the Magic Kingdom, but we had heard good things about the party and, well, when in Rome...

Instead of the monorail, we took the boat from our resort to the park.  If you look very closely in the picture below you can just make out Cinderella's castle.

We were waiting in line to see Tinkerbell near the park entrance.  The girls were studying the special map for the Christmas party planning our evening while we waited.


We had a great view of the fireworks while we waited in line to meet the ducks.  Aside from the fact that cardboard fireworks casings were raining down on us...

The Seven Dwarfs come out for the party.

This trip was all about Lyla.  Meeting all of the characters was simply magical for her.  She loved showing everybody her pigtails and red hair.

With Merida.

Lyla and Merida got along well.  During the parade the following day, Merida spotted Lyla from her float and gave her a special wave and pointed to her hair.

Another redhead. Ariel.

Santa Goofy.  Those whiskers are rubber.  Alison and I both checked.

The ducks.  Donald (my favorite), Daisy and Scrooge.

Christmas Minnie.

Tomorrow we return yet again to the Magic Kingdom.

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