Saturday, December 27, 2014

Magic Kingdom (Day 2)

We next visited the Magic Kingdom.  We didn't expect the crowds to be too bad (even though it was a Friday), because the park closed at 7:00 PM that evening for a separately ticketed Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party event.

In no particular order, here are some of the highlights from that day:

We started out the morning on the Jingle Cruise. Kate's favorites are the elephants.

Kate's love of elephants extends to Dumbo as well.

In the new Fantasyland area is a statue of Gaston. The only think that it's missing is that it is not covered with hair.

Every night Cinderella's castle was transformed into Elsa's Ice Castle.  It looked pretty amazing.

In front of Beast's Castle.  Just before enjoying some LeFou's Brew (similar to a frozen butterbeer, but with an applebeer like concoction).  Unfortunately, we were unable to try some of the delicious gray stuff.

Hello Lumiere.

Whenever I am focused intently on something, I nearly bite my tongue off as I chew on it. As a side note, the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disneyland is way better than the ride at Disney World.  The guns at Disney World can't be removed from the cart, so the range of motion is fairly limited.  Also, because the guns are stuck to the cart it was difficult to aim.  But maybe I'm just bitter because I scored a whopping 32,000 points while Ada score more than 400,000!

Also in the new Fantasyland. In front of Ariel's palace.  The same Little Mermaid ride that is at California Adventureland (and that you can nearly always walk onto) is here at Disney World, but the wait was rarely less than 30-40 minutes.  Crazy.

Another picture from another angle in front of Belle's castle.

Cinderella's Castle.

Look at the flying rodent that showed up.

We waited around 40 minutes to see Anna and Elsa.  That's about as good as it ever is.  When we were at the Magic Kingdom on Monday the waits for Anna and Elsa were over 2 hours at times.

Both Anna and Elsa just loved Lyla's shirt with Olaf on it.  I think that he had had a bad day.

With that lady from Tangled.  We visited all these princesses just before the park was about to close for Mickey's Christmas Party.  It was kind of in the in-between time and the lines were quite manageable.


Now for some pictures from the rides.  One of my favorite purchases when we visit a Disney park is to buy the photopass that let's you have all of the pictures that the Disney photographers take.  When we returned from Disney World I downloaded just under 2 GB of pictures and videos of our family at the park.  At Disney World the photopass also allows you to keep all of the pictures from the rides, which was kind of fun.

Space Mountain. Those are some comfy seats, but I especially like the bearded fellow who joined me and Ada in our picture.

Space Mountain.

Space Mountain.

Splash Mountain.

Splash Mountain. Look at Alison cowering under Ada's jacket.

Jesse and Woody.

Lastly, a video from a new ride - the Seven Dwarf's Mine Train.  Look for me, Ada and Kate.

After we left the park (i.e. were kicked out for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party), we took the monorail back to our hotel, ate some dinner and then watched the fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom from the beach across the water.  It was chilly, but quite lovely.

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