Saturday, April 21, 2007

Spring Football

I unfortunately had to work during the spring football game. It sounds like it was a good one - see here. But whenever I think that football is big in Utah, I come across an article such as "An Overflow Crowd Watches Saban's Bama Debut." Yes, 92,000 fans showed up to watch Alabama's spring football game. That's two Rice-Eccles filled to capacity. That's almost one-and-a-half Delta Centers (I know, its the ESA...) more than even LaVell Edwards Stadium holds! I guess football really is life down there.

Bytheway, Alabama was only 6-7 last year. Yes, 92,000 people came to see a team that was under .500 last year. Unbelievable.


Clark said...

The Delta Center/ESA seats 19,911 for basketball games (unsure if this includes boxes or not). That would give the Alabama game 4.62 times as many people as a capacity Jazz game.

Al said...

I believe Tyler meant that the number of people at the 'bama practice game was the number at LaVell Edwards Stadium plus one-and-a-half Delta Centers.