Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Free CD!

I saw this on a friend's blog and I just had to pass it along. There was an obituary in The Salt Lake Tribune that promises a “a free CD to the first 100 mourners, per the request of the deceased.” Wow. What lucky mourners.

Really though, I have 2 Aerosmith disks that I bought in Russia that I will send to the first person that wants them - no strings attached. They're like 2 greatest hits cds that you won't be able to find here in the states... Who wants them?
**Update - I'm feeling generous and I've also got these disks that anybody can have (Once again purchased in Russia - maybe not entirely legal for resale here in the States...):
-- Era - Best of?
-- Green Day - Shenanigans
-- Creed - Best of?
-- Creed - Human Clay
-- Sting - Hit Collection
-- Garbage - Best of?
-- Christina Aguilera - Best! New & Remix
-- Celine Dion - Golden Ballads (2 cd)
-- Madonna - Best of (2cd)
-- Ennio Morricone - Hit Collection 2000 (I don't know who that is, where this cd came from or why I have it)
-- Melanie C (one of the best original Spice Girls)
-- Bruce Springsteen - mp3 disk (14 cds on one, lots of pictures)
-- Britney Spears - Oops!...I did it again
-- Britney Spears - I Love Rock'n' Roll
-- Britney Spears - Britney
-- LeAnn Rimes - I Need You
-- Red Hot Chili Peppers - mp3 disk (10 cds on one, lots of pics)
-- Modern Talking - Disco Collection (2 cds)
-- Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon (I think it's missing a song)
-- Poison - Best of?

Yes. I am extremely embarrassed that I own (soon to be owned) many of these cds. I won't make fun of anybody that requests any of the aforementioned, except for the Britney Spears cds. If you would like any of the listed cds, then just say so in the comments and I will make every effort to hook you up.

ps. Apologies for making light of somebody's loss. I don't think Aerosmith cds were what he had in mind anyhow.


Spencer said...

I'll take the Ennio Morricone. FYI, he's probably the greatest and most prolific film composer of the 20th century. Perhaps his most recognizable work is his theme from the "spaghetti western" film "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly."

Sabrina said...

That's quite the collection. At least you didn't pay much for them ;)

Rachelle said...

Im not gonna lie... I would take the Greenday CD!

Happy Mom said...

I think I'll surprise my husband with the Britney Spears ones for his birthday...seriously, what were you doing buying her CDs on your mission???

tysqui said...

Well, uh, I hate to say this but I bought all but one of the Britney cds before I even left (she wasn't such a skank back then, and my friends really like her...) so they are the real thing. Don't fret though, I didn't buy any of these cds until I had under 4 weeks left to serve! - And, of course, I still didn't listen to any of them.

McKell said...

Oh my gosh Tim is obsessed with Aerosmith!!! I'm sure if he read your blog as often as I do he would be calling you right now!!

Happy Mom said...

Well, if your friends really liked her, maybe that included Sean...why don't you send them to him in Iowa, I would hate to take the opportunity to have these for free! Oh, and I changed my blog address, maybe that was the problem. http:\\

neal peterson said...

Seabass. I want the Aerosmith CD. Emily digs their music.

Al said...

Britney has never been cool. You just thought she was hot.

Alysia said...

That is quite the collection up for grabs. I know Kevin would like the sting CD. I am not such a fan but he is- we have always had different opinions of what good music is! :)

tysqui said...

Sorry Neal. You didn't follow the rules. Aerosmith has already been called for. How about a nice LeAnn Rimes cd?

Neal Peterson said...

By Aerosmith I meant to say Red Hot Chile Peppers. Emily is making salsa today.