Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Maggot Dreams

I rarely remember my dreams. Last night though, I had one that was unforgettable. I've had a bit of a sinus infection, which just drains all of my energy. In this dream, I still had the sinus infection and I was going to take some Dimetapp (why Dimetapp? I'm not sure, I haven't had the stuff in years - but I love its grape flavor). I took a couple of teaspoons of Dimetapp and then I looked into the bottle and it was full of maggots swimming inside (they actually might have been mealworms. Is there really a difference though?). I had already swallowed one of the teaspoonfuls but the second was still in my mouth. I then proceeded to pull four maggots out of my mouth, carefully in order to not let any of the delicious grape Dimetapp spill out and I threw them, one-by-one, out the door. I have no idea what I did with the rest of the medicine but I sure hope that I threw it out. Gross, eh?

On another note, here are a couple of interesting websites that I've found recently:

Vote what Marc Ecko should do with Bonds' home run ball #756. He paid more than $750,000 for it and now he's leaving it up to the public to decide what should be done with the thing.

I'm thinking of signing Ada up for this service when she turns 13. What do you think? (Of course I would have to ask for $65,000 at the least).


Al said...

More like a million dollars. "Ten cow wives" have nothing on her.

Sabrina said...

Is that site for real? That scares me. Your maggot dream kind of scare me too. I hate all things creepy crawly.