Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lancer Football!

My alma mater (Layton High School) has had a fantastic season in football. During the three years that I was in High School, the football team won a grand total of 7 games (and 57% of those were my sophomore year). This year they have already won 12 games and they are playing Alta for the state championship next Friday (They last won a state championship in 1978).

This last Friday they played American Fork at Rice-Eccles Stadium. I met my parents and brother there to cheer the Lancers on. They had a great crowd (easily double the size of Am. Fork's crowd - and that's no exaggeration) but had a slow start in the game. I know a couple of the kids on the team and was impressed by them all. Layton simply played a great game. The play of the game was when Layton's quarterback, Gavin Green, broke free from a sack and was able to scramble 49 yards for a touchdown, while crossing the field, breaking free from tackles and getting some great blocks.

Here's some mediocre video highlights from Friday's game:

Go Lancers!

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Trever & Heather said...

Pretty weird how high school kids look young to me now.

Go Layton!