Sunday, November 18, 2007

State Championship Football

As you may recall, Layton High played in the State 5A Championship Football game this last weekend. The game was played at the nicest stadium in the state (not the largest) and there was a huge crowd (almost 20,000 people) on hand. While they weren't able to move the ball with any consistency (credit Alta's speedy defense for that one), they did have one highlight which I will share with you here:

While the Lancers gave it a "nice try", props to them for making it as far as they did this year!


Alison Squire said...

You weirdos have more high school pride than anyone I've ever come in contact with! It reminds me of how much people from Bountiful rave about their beloved city.

Clark said...

And then they got shut out for the other 47 minutes and 49 seconds of the game!

Of course, wikipedia tells me that my alma mater has won 29 state championships since it opened. Interestingly, 19 of those were between 1974 and 1986, back when it was good to be a Husky. Excluding girls tennis and drill team, Hillcrest has won zero championships since 1986.

Doing this research has left feeling me oddly justified in my dislike of the sports programs there.

Al: When I went to high school football games, we'd start chanting for the backup quarterback midway through the 2nd quarter, or after 3 interceptions, which ever came first.

Spencer said...

Nice potshot about the stadium. Must be rivalry week.

Lichelle said...

Regardless of the outcome, that highlight is awesome and had to be such a thrill for the team. Hail to the Lancer Blue & Blue!

PS I think I might be cheering for your stadiums team this week...I can claim partial relation to Godfrey, so go UTES!!

Rummage said...

"Layton High, with pride we sing thy name. Layton High, this night will bring you fame. . ."

tysqui said...

dude, you are wise and you saw my stadium comment for exactly what it was, a cheap shot. Go Utes ;)