Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New HDD!

I know I'm a nerd and this post will probably prove it. A couple of weeks ago we thought that our hard drive had crashed. I've been wanting a second hard drive and this scare helped us to realize that $150 is not too much to pay to preserve our priceless pictures and videos. So last night, I installed a new hard drive in our computer. I was excited as soon as it arrived and I've been excited ever since. The hard drive that I purchased is a Samsung 750 GB 7200 RPM 32 MB Cache SATA 300 (and of course, it's already $10 cheaper than when I bought it).

We now have 1.05 TB (that's terabytes - i.e. 1,000 GB for you computer unsavvy folk) of storage in our computer. I haven't been able to defrag our original hard drive for months because it has been so full (you need 15% free space to defrag properly). After installing the hard drive I set up a couple of partitions. One partition is used for nightly backups of our original hard drive and the second partition is used solely for our Media Center DVR (aka TIVO). Now we have room for more than 150 hours of recorded TV (to add to our collection of more than 50 movies already stored on the computer). The computer spent 16 hours backing up everything from the old hard drive onto the new and now we can breathe easy knowing that our data is safe (relatively speaking, of course).


Sabrina said...

You sound just like my husband.

Bill Gates said...

You are not a nerd. Trust me.

tysqui said...

Thanks Bill. Coming from you that just means the world to me.

Hey, do you happen to have the money I loaned you a couple of decades ago?

Harriet said...

Bill, I've been trying to contact you for months now. I forwarded an e-mail that you sent me to about 150 people. You said in the e-mail that you would give me $10 for every person that I sent it to, $9 for every person that they sent it to, $8 for every person that the $9 people sent it to, $7 for every person that the $8 people sent it to, $6 for every person that the $7 people sent it to, $5 for every person that the $6 people sent it to - well I guess you get the point, I mean you are a nerd and all. But anyways, even if you only send me a little bit of that money I would appreciate it. You did promise, remember?

Bill Gates said...

I thought that it was just one buddy helping out another buddy. I did not know it was a loan. Unfortunately, I lost it all betting on the ponies.

My wife handles those emails. You should get your check from her soon.