Saturday, February 02, 2008

Superbowl XLII

Ugly logo notwithstanding, the Super Bowl will still be held tomorrow. While I'm not promising a candy bar to anybody this year, the option is still there and I'm still interested in everybody's predictions (although with the game starting in less than 24 hours I don't expect this post to be read by many). I don't know that I'll actually be cheering for either of the teams. I despise Eli Manning and the Pats are the Yankees (or the Red Sox) of the NFL. I'd be okay seeing them get their 18th win. They certainly deserve it, but I don't think that it's going to come easy. The Giants were arguably the best against the Patriots during the regular season (I think the Ravens deserved to beat them more) and this should be a pretty good game. Of course there's a chance that the Pats will blow them out, while there's probably a slimmer chance that the Giants will win. They've had three impressive wins here in the postseason, so anything can happen.

I've been more into the NFL this year than ever before. I was in a Fantasy Football league with Alison, my dad, brother/brothers in law and one friend. I started out doing very well but was no match for Alison and Jordan (my brother) at the end. Jordan had both Tom Brady and Randy Moss in this their record-setting year and was only beatable the few weeks that the Pats played mediocre games (all of which they still won). I had Carson Palmer, T.J. Houshmanzadeh and Ocho Cinco (Chad Johnson), all from the Bengals - and the Bengals did not have a very good year. The final standings are below. My team was the Salt Lake Sweet Tarts and Alison's team was the Pocatello Powder Puffs.


tysqui said...

I predict that the Patriots will win 35-27.

Alison Squire said...

Pats 31, Giants 28.
I want a big box of chocolates!

Rummage said...

Giants 31
Pats 24

Trever & Heather said...

Pats will win by 10.