Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Random Thoughts

There's a bunch of stuff on my mind right now - but most of it will have to wait for another post. As Al mentioned on her blog, we took possession of our new house. So far it's just as fantastic as we hoped everything would be. I met with the seller on Monday at the house because there were a few things that he wanted to show me. He just graduated from the U in electrical engineering and wired the house just as I would have (over the top and out of control). Things are going to be good. We started moving our stuff in yesterday and I also painted the master bedroom. We hope that we'll have time to paint a few other rooms before we get all moved in. We'll see what we can get done.

I was reading on this morning and came across the article "Dealership built with environment in mind." I took issue with the following quote:
He says besides the initial costs, the building has also created some unique challenges when it comes to getting permits from the city, especially when it comes to use of the cisterns and current water laws. He says he was told Salt Lake's water laws were written in 1809. It may now time to change them he says.
Anybody else see any problems? I've never trusted anything on ksl because they are the "Utah's weather, traffic and Cougar station." This just solidifies that my mistrust ;).

Alison and I saw the following video on the news the other night. What a fantastic catch. I've since heard that it's a Gatorade commercial. Either way, impressive.

Lastly, huge Birthday wishes go out to Alison today. Love ya!


Josh said...

Tyler, please tell me you're not one of those commenters on that's always pointing out every typo. The article has been updated and the year of the law was 1909. I know how red you are, but that's a pretty far stretch to associate that with the cougars.

Congrats on the house. We hope to be doing the same very soon. Just have to sell our condo first. Happy B-day Allison.

tysqui said...

No, no. That was all in jest. I just thought it was funny to try and imagine somebody in 1809 setting up water rights. I can't stand to even read the comments on those stories. People can be such jerks.