Friday, September 21, 2012

The Next Big Thing

As the new iPhone is being released today, I thought this little video was apropos:


Ben said...

I've had a Galaxy S Blaze since July and been pleased as punch with it. It's 4G and does pretty much anything an iPhone can do, I think. In fact, I think I might even like it better than an iPhone because it's Google-based, like the rest of my life. Automatically connected to all of my Google accounts, and syncs with them very smoothly.

Dan-o said...

I've had a Samsung Galaxy S for over 18 months and it has also been great. I will admit that it has frozen up a few times on me, but overall the phone certainly does everything I would expect it to. 8 MP camera, HD video, bright high-res screen (before anyone had heard of "retina display"), and Android. Pretty sweet. Dan-o