Saturday, May 13, 2017

Squires Down Under - AKL-->SYD-->LAX

Day 12 - Aukland to Sydney to Los Angeles to Disneyland - November 23, 2017

Today was literally the longest day of our lives.  Remember Sunday that went missing 10 days ago? Well we got those hours back today.

4:30 AM Auckland, New Zealand; 5th hour of the day: We got up early to catch our 7 AM flight to Sydney.  We paid extra to stay in the hotel right at the airport so that we could turn our rental car in the night before and just get up and go.

Breakfast on the plane.

8:30 AM Sydney, Australia; 11th hour of they day: We arrived in Sydney and we had to collect our bags and go through passport control and customs before re-checking our bags, going back through customs and security and boarding our flight to Los Angeles.

11:30 AM Sydney, Australia; 14th hour of the day: We depart from Sydney and make our way across the Pacific and the International Date Line.  On the plane, we ate, we watched movies and only slept a little bit on the long flight from Sydney to Los Angeles.

(Side note: the kids meals were way better than the adult meals on these flights).

6:00 AM Los Angeles, California; 27th hour of the day: Our plane actually landed about a 1/2 hour before 6:00 AM, but they couldn't let us off until US border patrol opened at 6:00 AM.  Even with being on one of the first flights to arrive we had a long wait.  It was the day before Thanksgiving and their computers for express entry were down, so everything was being done by hand.

8:00 AM Los Angeles, California; 29th hour of the day: Playing cards on the floor of the Avis Rental Car center.

9:00 AM Anaheim, California; 30th hour of the day: We didn't have any set plans for today, we wanted to see how we were all feeling before we committed to anything. We felt pretty good, so I was thinking Disneyland, but when we got close to Knott's Berry Farm that sounded fun too.

We decided on Knott's Berry Farm, but when we got there we found out that they wouldn't open until 11:00 AM.  We decided to just continue on to Disneyland.

Riding the tram to the park.

Sleeping Beauty's castle looks smaller every time I visit.  Maybe I'm just getting bigger.

Lyla's first time on Splash Mountain. Look at those screaming girls.

I love this picture of me and Lyla.

One with the whole crowd.

Small world.

Yeah, it was crowded.  It was expensive.  I'm not entirely sure why we were there.

Minnie's House.

Mickey Mouse's house.

Obligatory sword in the stone photos.

6:00 PM, Disneyland, USA; 38th hour of the day. We were done. Time to leave.

8:00 PM, Embassy Suites @ LAX; 40th hour of the day. Everybody crashed pretty quickly.  I don't remember driving back to the hotel from Disneyland, but somehow we made it.

Today was a long day.

Tomorrow -- Thanksgiving!

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